Dear colleagues and friends,

I am writing this on a personal note as I have received several requests for FIGIJ to issue a statement regarding the situation in the Middle East conflict.

I have firstly decided to express my personal stance while we discussed whether or not to release an official statement from the society of which I am a part, just like all of you. I wish to vehemently express my rejection of terrorist attacks and any act of violence that inflicts harm on civilian populations, with a particular focus on children and adolescents, who are the most vulnerable and who endure the lasting consequences of these situations throughout their lives.

Our scientific society is committed to the pursuit of truth, the promotion of
knowledge, and the contribution to the well-being and care of humanity. I strongly condemn actions that undermine the fundamental values of human dignity.

Attacks on civilians, especially the young and vulnerable, are reprehensible acts that leave a lasting impact on societies and communities. It is essential that, as members of a scientific society dedicated to objectivity and impartiality, we firmly oppose all forms of violence.

I extend my heartfelt greetings to our colleagues and their families in conflict zones, and I sincerely hope they can navigate this situation in the best possible way. Of course, my wishes are for a swift resolution and a return to peace and respect.

Marisa Labovsky
FIGIJ President