Early adolescent pregnancy: A comprehensive look. Sexual and reproductive rights in adolescents below 15.

This webinar addresses the following topics:

1- Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Prevention of situations of abuse and violence. – Lic. Mariìa Eugenia Otero (Argentina)
2- Approach to consultation in pregnancies in adolescents bellow 15. Situations of abuse and violence. – Dr. Judith Simms Cemdam. President of NASPAG (USA)
3- Risks of pregnancies in adolescents bellow 15. – Dr. Fanny Corrales. President of SOGIA (Paraguay)
4- Immediate contraception post obstetrical event (AIPEO, for its acronym in Spanish). Prevention of second pregnancy – Dr. Rodolfo Goìmez Ponce de Leoìn. CLP- PAHO. Flyer adolescent pregnancy

Watch the recording: