Honorary Fellows

The President and Board of the International Federation of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology have had the great pleasure in conferring Honorary Fellowship of FIGIJ to the following in recognition of their outstanding commitment and contribution to the international standing of pediatric and adolescent gynecology

FIGIJ President Paul Wood presenting Honorary Membership at NASPAG 2023 to both Paula Hillard and Angela, daughter of Joe Sanfilippo, who was unfortunately unable to attend the Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting in Nashville

Joseph Sanfilippo, United States, NASPAG ACRM March 2023

Paula Hillard, United States, NASPAG ACRM March 2023

“A brief summary of each would not reflect the immense contributions they have provided and continue to provide to the integral health of adolescents in general and paediatric and adolescent gynaecology not just in the USA but also more globally through their shared commitment to JPAG.

Both are recognised by FIGIJ as trailblazers in disseminating and promoting PAG in and outwith the USA.

Today during this NASPAG ACRM, we express our recognition and gratitude through this tribute. Thank you Joe and Paula, we thank you on behalf of those who have been close to you and all the girls, adolescents and young people whom you have been able to support and inspire to achieve a better world.”

Profesor Dr Ramiro Molina Cartes, Chile, ALOGIA November 2022

Profesor Dr  José Enrique Pons, Uruguay, ALOGIA November 2022

Profesor Dr José María Méndez Ribas, Argentina, ALOGIA November 2022

“The eagerness and passion to work with girls, adolescents and young people is typical of these three great masters and it is through this eagerness that each of them from the spaces that are their own were able to contribute the essential creativity to obtain achievements in the prevention, care and recovery of the integral health of this particular group.

Three founders of ALOGIA in 1993 with José María as its first president. They brought Latin America to the FIGIJ Board in the 1990s.”

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