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Dear friends and colleagues in PAG,

As we recover from the global pandemic FIGIJ is planning ahead for the future development and expansion of PAG in countries where PAG remains under-represented.

This year saw our 50th anniversary and your Board proposes to mark this achievement with the establishment of a number of training bursaries for individuals from resource-poor countries especially those with no existing or weak PAG infrastructure.

The bursaries will facilitate travel and basic subsistence costs to enable a fixed training opportunity in PAG at a recognised international training centre.

For this we seek your help, both as individuals and as National Societies.

We are asking for non-recurring donations from you in order to establish these bursaries which we hope will be advertised next year and incepted to coincide with the next World Congress in Belgrade in 2023.

A steering committee has been set up and we are proposing to establish as many bursaries as possible, each of which will be to the order of 3000 USD each. See full details below.

Donations can be made by Pay Pal here:

or directly by Bank Transfer (stating the donation is for the Bursary training fund and your details or those of your organisation, unless of course you wish to remain anonymous). Please email us if you would prefer to make a donation through bank transfer. In addition and for example for US donors, FIGIJ is classified as a tax-exempt public charity with 501 (c) (3) status, so donations will be tax deductible to the extent allowed to individuals. This may similarly apply in your country.

PAG practitioners are typically generous individuals and I know that there is a wish to develop PAG globally among National Societies in our partner continents, so I hope that we will receive a positive response from you.

Many thanks in advance and watch this space for future updates.
Best wishes,
Paul Wood
President FIGIJ

May 2022

FIGIJ wishes to encourage and support training in Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology (PAG) in resource-poor countries, especially those with no existing or weak PAG training infrastructure. Training of regional PAG specialists will enable the establishment and development of much-needed gynaecological services for children and adolescents where there are currently none, as considered by the FIGIJ Board.

The number of Bursaries awarded will depend on the financial health of the Fund, but up to two per year are envisaged subject to funding. The Bursary will consist of a maximum monetary allocation of $3000 per successful applicant.

The Bursaries will be a regular Agenda item for the FIGIJ Board periodically reviewing the programme.


There are existing recognised training centres for PAG training globally but there are still large gaps in the availability of expertise and services for the gynaecological care of children and adolescents.

The Bursary will facilitate travel and basic subsistence costs to enable a fixed training opportunity in PAG at a recognised international training centre.


Bursaries will be allocated at the beginning of the calendar year from 2023. The application process will commence in June 2022.

The offer of funding will remain open from 12 months of the time of the initial offer from FIGIJ.

Application process

Applicants need to be registered medical practitioners in their home countries with no restrictions on their practice or convictions.

Applicants must be from countries where PAG services are under-resourced and there is limited access to PAG training.

Applicants must be trained and accredited specialists either in Obstetrics and Gynaecology or in Paediatrics (including paediatric subspecialties such as paediatric endocrinology and paediatric urology).

Following the confirmation of a database of international training centres, notification of the programmes and recruitment of candidates shall be via the FIGIJ website with links to sister organisations and direct communications with leading medical centres in obstetrics & gynaecology and also paediatrics.

Sister organisations include partners such as National or Regional PAG Societies, Paediatric Societies or International Societies such as FIGO or the RCOG in order to recruit applicants.

Applicants will be required to submit the following:

1. Letter of acceptances from the nominated PAG Training Centre

2. Application form

3. CV (maximum two pages) with emphasis on any previous experience or professional interest in PAG (certified by a supervising person if possible) and/or any scientific work in PAG

4. Motivational letter explaining their interest in PAG and plans for the future development of PAG in their country

5. Letter of endorsement (or letter of intention) written by the applicant’s current Departmental Head confirming their support for the Bursary

6. Certification for foreign language knowledge e.g. TOEFL (if applicable). The agreed language shall be based on the background linguistic skills of the applicants and the languages employed at the Training Institutions and can include English, Spanish, French and Mandarin as required.

Successful applicants will be expected to liaise directly with their chosen training centre and agree the duration, accommodation, logistics and timetable for their training prior to applying for the Bursary.


Applicants will need to demonstrate an established track record of an interest in PAG at undergraduate or during postgraduate training and submit evidence of their commitment.

This will need to include information in respect of previous experience or a professional interest in PAG and the reasons for the application within a motivation letter.

Selection process

This will need to be open, transparent and fair with established criteria and a standardised interview process held by representatives of the FIGIJ Board who will meet beforehand to agree and endorse the selection process. A Bursary Working Group will be set up with this in mind.

Upon application the applicant will undergo verification of their formal requirements. The applicant is then assessed under the agreed eligibility criteria.

Successful candidates will be listed in order of preference and the total number of Bursaries given in any one year will depend on finances.

Contractual expectations

There is an expectation that successful candidates will apply themselves to the training opportunity and ensure that they demonstrate commitment and honour their obligations.

The Training Centre will be required to appoint a named Tutor for the duration of the Bursary along with a training timetable for the agreed period of time.

The successful candidate must conform to the rules and regulations of the Bursary as set out in this document and sign a Bursary agreement.

Candidates are expected to fulfil the requirements for passing the IFEPAG examination with an expectation that the successful candidates will sit the examination when possible.

The Bursary funds must be used in a responsible and appropriate manner. The funds can be used for educational expenses (e.g. books, database access), accommodation and travel (but not general subsistence)

FIGIJ is not responsible for assisting candidates in obtaining a Fellowship in their accredited centre of choice, visa formalities, accommodation or insurance.

Applicants will be responsible for planning the Bursary including travel arrangements and accommodation.

The applicants are expected to personally contact the proposed Training Centre where they wish to attend before a formal application is submitted and ensure that there will be no language barriers and that they fulfil the medical requirements for observership within the Host Institution (Training Centre). There will be a need for applicants to confirm the need for liability insurance and whether the Training Centre will cover the applicant.

Occupational health requirements for the Training Centre must be addressed and met by the applicant.


The Bursary will consist of a maximum monetary allocation of $3000 per successful applicant.
Additional expenses beyond the $3000 Bursary will not be covered by FIGIJ.

A financial contribution will be made available for successful applicants to attend the next World Congress of PAG.


Payment will initially be for 50% of the agreed amount with the remaining 50% available on satisfactory completion of the training attachment and subject to adequate attendance and feedback from the training centre.


Successful applicants will be expected to feed back their progress to the FIGIJ Board the end of their attachment summarising their educational progress and advise on their progress for the IFEPAG examination.

Scholarly work including submissions for publication or presentation is strongly encouraged and expected.

Receipts relating to expenditure relevant to the Bursary will need to be submitted to the FIGIJ Board at the end of the attachment.

Successful applicants will be expected to provide a reflection for the FIGIJ website at the end of their attachment (and no later than three months thereafter), present a resume of their experience at the next WCPAG and aim to sit the IFEPAG examination.

The successful applicants should also provide an objective written report for the FIGIJ Board recommending potential improvements and highlighting existing weaknesses in the Bursary process.

In case of further questions please contact the Chair of the Bursary Working Party Gabriele Tridenti via: [email protected]

Donations can be made by Pay Pal:

The application form is available below:

Application Form:
Full Name
Date of Birth
Year of Qualification
University of Graduation
Current hospital base
Current speciality
Approval by current Head of Department
Proposed Training Centre
Duration of attachment
Field of interest
Past PAG experience
Relevant publications
Reason for application

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