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FIGIJ Case Corner is the space for presenting PAG cases to educate health care workers interested in PAG. We hope, it will become a virtual space for sharing experience and to discuss about various PAG health issues.

FIGIJ Cases are Password Protected.  To access these cases, please contact FIGIJ Vice President Anna Torres ([email protected]) with the following information:

Name, type of involement in health care (physician, nurse, midwife, other), license No. current employment, address, work phone number

Authors: Teresa María Peña, Cecilia Zunana, Mariana Costanzo, Ianina Soria, Natalia Perez Garido, Paula Califano

Author: Ewa Woźniakowska

Ovarian torsion and ovarian oedema
Author: Ewa Woźniakowska

Pediatric lichen sclerosis- what can we learn from typical disease course?

Author: Anna Torres, M.D., Ph.D., M.Sc. in Clinical Education

Case description for FIGIJ case corner

FIGIJ Case Corner welcomes brief description of interesting clinical cases.
The emphasis of the case description is on educating OBGYN and pediatrics residents as well as all other health care workers interested in PAG, therefore descriptions of both typical and rare cases are welcomed, and images or video clips are very much appreciated.

Submitting the case for the FIGIJ case corner is considered an educational activity, therefore should not be regarded as “previous publishing” in case the author plans to publish the same or similar case in one of the medical journals.

Photos attached to the cases will not be published on the Website and will be available from the case authors on the request via e-mail.

The cases will peer reviewed before the uploading to FIGIJ website.

Please send the cases to: [email protected] with the title: “FIGIJ Case Corner”

We request for the cases to conform with the following guidelines:

1. There is no text or reference limit, however we advise the descriptions to be concise.

2. Up to 10 images can be uploaded (the images will only be available from the Editor of the FIGIJ case corner on the request by the viewer)

3. Up to 5 tables and/or figures can be included.

4. Abstract is not required.

5. Title page should include: the title of the case, authors’ first and last names, academic degree; departments and institutional affiliation, email address of author responsible for correspondence concerning the case

6. Please divide the case description into the following sections:

  1. Introduction: brief background or short description of the clinical problem (disease/symptom)
  2. Case description: should include essential findings and patient management and outcome (with images if relevant and available)
  3. Summary and Conclusion: a brief review of the literature of similar cases or symptoms and/or implication for PAG learning with important practice points and/or clinical dilemmas connected to the case.
  4. We also advise the authors to use and be guided with the CARE guidelines for reporting the clinical cases

7. Ethics: all photographs or videos of person must be accompanied by signed written patients’ consents. No identifiable patient detailes should be included in the case description.

8. Please edit the text as follows:

  • Please write your text in English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these).
  • MS Word file
  • Times New Roman, size 12, text should be double spaced
  • All pages should be numbered.
  • Do not use abbreviations without first defining the abbreviation in full.
  • Referencing should be double spaced using the Vancouver style
  • images/photos should be sent as .jpg and .png
  • videos should be sent as .mp4
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